Translation of Results into Practice


AkneSilver® Mask

The acne prone skin mask was developed by the TE02000006 project in collaboration with COC s.r.o., Synpo a.s., and SZÚ.

A mask with a silver content treats acne prone skin. Silver works effectively against a wide range of microbes that cause acne to form on skin.



Veropal HIF varnish

Fatra is testing a water-soluble two-component polyurethane varnish, trading under the name VEROPAL HIF, developed by Synpo as part of the Alterbio project.

The varnish acts as an additional surface treatment of PVC roofing membranes, that prolongs the service life and reduces the deposition of dirt on the surface. There are three types of Veropal HIF varnish available – matt, gloss and blue coloured (RAL 5005). The matt and gloss varnish are suitable for the full-surface treatment of waterproofing membranes, especially to reduce the adhesion of dirt. The coloured type is used to create various signs on the roofs, such as logos or advertising messages.

Synpo is finishing another colour variant – the signal yellow varnish, that will be used to mark the edges of roof or various barriers on the roof in order to increase safety.

The first varnish application (matt and gloss) was made by Fatra on the roof in the production area of the Chropyně plant (Figs. 1 and 2). Subsequently, the Veropal HIF varnish in the gloss variant was applied to the newly laid roof of the Napajedla plant (Fig. 3). Furthermore, the “Fatra” logo was created on the roof in the Napajedla production area with the blue coloured type of the varnish. The logo is 18 meters long and 4.8 meters wide (Fig. 4).

The performed application tests are used to verify the varnish functionality in real conditions and to monitor the properties of the treatment in a longer time scale.


Project no. TE02000006 is solved with financial support
from the Technology Agency of the CR.