SYNPO, a.s.


Synpo, a.s. ( celebrates 70 years of its existence. In 1992 it was converted from a government owned research and development institute to a privately held company. Synpo’s two key business activities are:

  • Contract R&D in the field of applied polymer science with emphasis on coatings, composites and adhesives and binders and…
  • Manufacturing of specialty coatings.

Synpo has accredited analytical and testing laboratories for a range of physical tests, namely mechanical, thermomechanical, electrical and corrosion.

In 2008 with financial support from a program in support of Innovation OPPI, Synpo established a center of studies of nanostructured polymers. This center (a department of Synpo) is equipped with state of the art equipment for characterization of nanoparticles and nanocomposites.

Synpo is, to the best of our knowledge, the first Czech company, which started a new product development for and with support of the European Space Agency.

Synpo maintains close collaboration with several universities and is an active member of International IND consortia and network in the EU.

Since year 2000, Synpo has maintained a certification ISO 9001.


Biomedica, Ltd.

 BIOMEDICA, spol. s r. o. was founded in 1991. From the very beginning, it has been manufacturing unique products according to own formulations. Most of its products, including drugs, food complements or cosmetics, contain herbal extracts, essences, essential oils or vitamins. Biomedica has extended its activities to include trading in raw materials for pharmaceutical industry and cosmetics. From 1997, Biomedica has been expanding its operations not only in Europe, but also in Asia, America and Oceania. In 2002, a new production facility was put into operation in Hořátev (District of Nymburk). Biomedica has made appropriate premises for production of healthcare products, cosmetics and food complements not only for its needs but also for its contractual partners. In 2005, Biomedica started production of healthcare products in co-operation with the European Regional Development Fund. The hugest investment into Technological Park in Hořátev, i.e. the pharmaceutical pavilion for manufacture of tablets and production and filling of liquid pharmaceuticals, was terminated in 2007.

Today Biomedica, spol. s r.o. is one of the renowned manufacturer of drugs, healthcare products, food complements and herbal cosmetics, widely utilizing authentic natural products.


Centre for Organic Chemistry Ltd.

 Centre for Organic Chemistry Ltd. (COC) is Research Company from 2009. Its main business is R&D in the field of organic materials and next transferring of new technologies in the industrial realisations. COC thanks its direction works as interconnected element between academic research and industrial realisation. COC is able to do optimisation of the new applications according to needs of the final realisation.
COC main field of the application is materials for printed and flexible electronics, photoactive processes and additives for functional surface finishing. The results are technologies for textile industry, cosmetics, varnishes, water treatments, production of the plastic materials, smart packaging, smart textiles and the special hybrid safety systems.

COC is equipped for R&D of the synthesis and purification of organic substances and its next characterisation. New technologies are verified during the up scaling process in the glass pilot plant apparatus.

 Fatra, a.s.

Fatra, a.s. is one of the major Central European processors of plastics (PVC, PE, PP and PET). It offers top quality products and specialized customer solutions, which include not only production but also development activities as well as consulting services. Currently, more than half of production is heading to foreign markets. Fatra,a.s. sells its products to more than 50 countries worldwide.

Processed materials include PVC, PVC, LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, EVA, PP, PET, ABS.

Fatra provides its customers service in the field of testing and development laboratories, testing, samples and mixtures preparation, expert advice and consultation.
Fatra, a.s. is a part of the AGROFERT HOLDING concern bringing together major players, which are linked to agriculture, food and chemicals. Today, AGROFERT HOLDING, a.s. comprises more than 230 leading businesses in the chemistry, agriculture, food and ground machinery sectors, while employing more than 27 thousand employees within the group.

The organizational structure of Fatra, a.s. divides production and sales into two main groups – the PVC group and POLYMERS group.  The PVC group includes the segments: Waterproofing membranes, Floor coverings, (PVC) Technical foils, Profiles and Granulates.

The POLYMERS group includes the segments: Breathable films and laminates, Biaxially-oriented PET films and laminates (BO PET), PE, EVA and PET foils and sheets, Injection moulding and Thermoformed products.


INOTEX, Ltd is a small innovative company specialized in technology research and transfer in the area of textile finishing oriented to cleaner production aspects and renewable natural resources utilization. Thy key strategy of the company is to support implementation of results to technological practice incl. prototyping of (multi)functional textiles using its own production capacity for small-scale production of textile auxiliary agents and their application by finishing techniques incl. ready-made garments finishing.

Technological lab for testing of finishing processing results is equipped with a device for continual (pre)activation of textiles by plasma/corona system followed by application and drying sections (kiss-roll, coating from paste or foam, drying and fixing heating chamber). The lab is equipped also with JET lab machine for rope textile processing, device for yarn dyeing, lab. jigger, DOT-COAT laminating unit and thermocallender. A new UV-LED curing device is now installed in this continual line.

 INOTEX has its own colouristic service and accredited lab acc. to EN ISO/IEC 17025 for textile quality testing and finishing effects evaluation (mechanical-physical properties, protective and barrier effects, moisture transport, colourfastnesses).

 Státní zdravotní ústav

The National Institute of Public Health is a budgetary organisation of the Ministry of Health. The Institute is to covers a  spectrum  of activities comprising creation of the basis for national public health policy, health promotion and protection, providing methodical reference activities and monitoring related to public health, researching the environmental impact on human health, international collaboration, post-graduate education in medical fields and health-related education of the general public.

The scientific activity and research in the Institute includes both basic and applied research and is of international importance. The Institute is actively introducing new methods in the protection and promotion of public health. The research results are used for national health policy, security monitoring, testing and measuring indicators, tests in the field of biomedicine, health risk assessment and implementation of tasks arising from the binding regulations of the Czech Republic, EU, international agreements or imposed by the Ministry of Health.


University Palacký in Olomouc, Regional Centre of Advanced Technologies and Materials

University Palacký in Olomouc (UPO) is the second oldest university in the Czech Republic (founded 1573, having around 25,000 students and eight faculties. It has the highest normalized scientific output (according to the number of researchers) and highest average value of IF for published scientific articles in the Czech Republic (Thomson-Reuters). UPO is rated as one of the best 4% Universities all over the world. It is on the first position among universities in the Czech Republic according to the parameter “Broad Impact”, measured by the university’s h-index (The Center for World University Rankings 2014,

The Regional Centre of Advanced Technologies and Materials (RCPTM, belongs to the Faculty of Science at UPO. RCPTM is based upon an internationally established research team. Since 2010, the research team has been substantially expanded and internationalized. Today, RCPTM has approximately 120 scientists, 25% of whom are foreign specialists from 15 countries and the average age is 33 years. During the last period of RCPTM’s existence, Centre employees have successfully submitted 62 projects, bringing EUR 25 million to funding of RCPTM. The most successful include projects done under EU Seventh Framework Programme and other international collaborations like the Pierre Auger Observatory or CERN-ATLAS. Within last two years, the Centre published more than 250 original pieces of research in prestigious foreign journals including Chemical Reviews, Accounts of Chemical Research, JACS, ACS Nano. The Centre collaborates and publishes joint papers with more than 30 leading world institutions including Cornell University, University of Tokyo and EPFL Lausanne.

Tomas Bata University in Zlín

Tomas Bata University in Zlín (TBU) is a dynamically growing higher education institution comprised of six faculties offering students the possibility of studying humanities, natural sciences, technology and art. With about 12,600 students, TBU ranks among medium-sized Czech universities.

The Centre of Polymer Systems is a research unit of TBU, which has been built since 2011 with support of the Operational Program Research and Development for Innovations fund (reg. number: CZ.1.05/2.1.00/03.0111). Personal and instrumental base of the Centre enables to provide a cooperation to the academic institutes and the industrial companies in both, basic and applied research as well as in innovations via the form of joint research or contractual research orders.

Project no. TE02000006 is solved with financial support
from the Technology Agency of the CR.