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Centre for alternative environment friendly high effective polymer antimicrobial agents for industrial applications

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Operational programme:
TE – The Technology Agency programme “Competence Centres”, supporting the development of long-term cooperation in research, development and innovation between the public and private sectors.

 January 2014 – December 2019

Project Manager:
Ing. Katerina Zetkova (SYNPO, akciová společnost)

R&D and proposed commercialization of innovative antimicrobial systems for plastics, coatings, cosmetics and textiles. Antimicrobial agents will be strongly attached to polymeric systems, so that they will only protect  he surface of the material without effect on the environment. This way, a long-term protection of treated materials against the use of microbial attack will be achieved without undesirable health and ecological effects.

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Project no. TE02000006 is solved with financial support
from the Technology Agency of the CR.